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11 April 2017

JIO New Tariff Plans Launched 309, 509, 349, 549 | Offer After Summer Surprise | Prime Vs Non Prime


According to some external sources, Reliance Jio will come with two new plans offering 1GB and 2GB data per day. The 1GB plan costs Rs. 309 for already enrolled JioPrime customers and will offer 1GB data per day along with unlimited calling for 84 days (28*3=84 days). And for the non JioPrime members, the same plan costs Rs. 349 and offers same benefits along with the same validity period.

जिओ का धमाका नये प्लान (NEW PLAN) पेहले से भी सस्ता JIO New Tariff Plans Launched 309, 509, 349, 549 | Offer After Summer Surprise | Prime Vs Non Prime

31 March 2017

Reliance Jio Infocomm has announced over 72 million of its customers have signed up for Jio Prime in one month. The company claims it is “one of the most successful customer privilege programmes anywhere in the world.” Additionally, Reliance Jio has extended the deadline for purchasing its Jio Prime membership plan as well as Rs 303 and other plans till April 15.
“Considering the unprecedented demand for enrolling to JIO PRIME and doing the first recharge, Jio has extended the deadline for purchasing Jio’s Rs 303 (and other) plans till 15th April,” said Jio in a press release.

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Jio Summer Surprise 

While thanking customers who have purchased the Prime membership, Ambani said, "In India, we have the fine tradition of 'SHAGUN' - offering gifts on auspicious occasions. For us, your first recharge is an auspicious moment. Therefore, we want to offer a token of our appreciation and gratitude to all JIO PRIME members… the JIO SUMMER SURPRISE."
"The Jio Summer Surprise is the first of many surprises for JIO PRIME members," he said.
"Every Jio Prime member - when they make their first paid recharge prior to 15th April using Jio's Rs 303 plan (or any higher value plan) - will get services for the initial 3 months on a complimentary basis. Your paid tariff plan will be applied only in July, after the expiry of the complimentary service," Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani said.
"In just one month over 72 million Jio customers have signed up for Jio Prime membership," Ambani said.
"Over the past few days, we have been deluged by millions of customers queuing up to purchase Jio's popular Rs 303 and other tariff plans. This nationwide trend indicates that very many customers are still in the process of purchasing JIO PRIME and their first paid tariff plan. I am committed to 'WALKING THE EXTRA MILE' for my Jio Family members," Mukesh Ambani said in statement.

Jio Summer Surprise Offer : Reliance Jio has extended the Jio Prime offer date to 15 April

21 February 2017

The Indian armed forces safeguard us by guarding the most dangerous fronts of the country. They guard us at the border, and during wars they go on without food for days at the most dangerous postings, says Shehla Faaiz.

Siachen: World’s Highest Battlefield
At 19,000 ft above sea level, and temperature as low as -50, the Siachen glacier is the world’s highest and coldest battle ground. The whether and living conditions here are truely unfavourable. The soldiers posted here are physically, mentally and emotionaly trained. Around 3000 soldiers guard this post.

The LOC: Most Sensitive Border
The Line Of Control (LOC) is at the border that separates India from Pakistan. It runs from Gilgit to Dras sector. Soldiers posted at the LOC are trained to withstand mortars, artillery shelling and bullets, at frequent basis.

Tawang: Indo-China Border
The Indian Army always had a strong presence in this area. It is a sensitive post, because the border here is not very clearly defined. There are constant clashes, because China claims that it his territory. This makes it one of the most dangerous post.

Indian Coastline
The Indian Navy, guards the 7,500 kms long Indian coastline throughout the year. After the 26/11 attacks, the role of the Indian Navy has become all the more important. You know, guarding while sailing in the monsoons is the most difficult time for coast guards.

Indo-Chinese Border, Sikkim- Harshest Conditions
Whether it is heavy snow or harsh cold conditions, Sikkim is always challenging for the defence forces. This place has strategically important area Nathu La Pass, that sees rapid climate changes in a single day. The Indian Air Force plays an important role in transporting arms, ammunitions, and other essential resources in this region.

The Most Dangerous Posts Of The Indian Armed Forces

01 February 2017

In The World, Thousands Of Movies Release In every Year
Over the last 25 years, there have only been 27 films that have joined the billionaire club. This will probably become second nature with film in the near future, but for now these are the exclusive few, based on data from Box Office.
These are the only movies that have ever hit 1 billion $ at the box office

Number 27. The Dark Knight ( year 2008)

boxoffice collection $1,004,600,000

Back in 2008, critics predicted that The Dark Knight might be the one to finally beat Titanic as the highest-grossing movie of all time. It didn’t hit that mark, but it still has a place on the list of billion dollar box office smashes.

Number 26. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (year 2012)

boxoffice collection $1,021,000,000

Many assumed that the major success of the first Hobbit movie would mean the next two films in the franchise would do just as well, if not better. However, neither of the two sequels crossed the billion dollar threshold. They each made a measly $960,000,000.

Number 25. Zootopia (year 2016)

boxoffice collection $1,023,800,000

This movie gave Disney not only their biggest opening ever (with a $75 million debut), but it was also the biggest March opening of all time.

Number 24. Alice in Wonderland (year 2010)

boxoffice collection $1,025,500,000

Tim Burton’s take on the classic story was the 6th movie to ever have hit $1 billion. It’s sequel, however, only made $299,500,000 worldwide.

Number 23. Star Wars: Episode 1- The Phantom Menace (year 1999)

boxoffice collection $1,027,000,000

If it wasn’t for the 3D re-release 13 years after its original debut, the film would have stayed under the $1 billion mark.

Number  22. Finding Dory (year 2016)

boxoffice collection $1,027,900,000

Finding Dory is the fifth-highest grossing animated film of all time.

Number  21. Jurassic Park (year 1993)

boxoffice collection $1,029,200,000
Much like The Phantom Menace, a 3D re-release ushered the dinosaur hit into the billionaire club.

Number 20. Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (year 2011)

boxoffice collection $1,045,700,000
There are two Pirates of the Caribbean movies on the list, and they just so happen to be right next to each other.

Number  19. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (year 2006)

boxoffice collection $1,066,200,000

Dead Man’s Chest took only three months to hit the billion dollar mark at the box office, and at the time it was only the third film to ever do it.

Number 18. Toy Story 3 (year 2010)

boxoffice collection $1,067,000,000

The long-awaited third movie of the franchise is Pixar’s highest-grossing film of all time. I wonder how Toy Story 4 will measure up in 2019.

Number 17. The Dark Knight Rises (year 2012)

boxoffice collection $1,084,900,000

In 2012, The Dark Knight was the 13th movie in history to hit $1 billion.

Number 16. Transformers: Age of Extinction (year 2014)

boxoffice collection $1,104,000,000

Hate on the franchise as much as you want, but Transformers is a money machine. The fourth movie was geared more towards international audiences, and almost a third of total box-office revenue came from China

Number 15. Skyfall (year 2012)

boxoffice collection $1,108,600,000

This is the only James Bond flick that crossed the $1 billion mark. It’s Sony’s biggest hit of all time.

Number 14. Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (tear 2003)

boxoffice collection $1,119,900,000

After just 10 weeks in theaters, the final installment of Peter Jackson’s franchise became the second movie ever to make $1 billion, apart from Titanic.
It also broke an Academy Award record by winning all 11 categories for which it was nominated.

Number 13. Transformers: The Dark Side of the Moon (year 2011)

boxoffice collection $1,119,900,000

Just like Age of Extinction, ticket sales came largely from international box offices.

Number 12. Captain America: Civil War (year 2016)

boxoffice collection $1,153,300,000

The Captain America movie was the first film to make $1 billion in 2016.

Number 11. Minions (year 2015)

boxoffice collection $1,159,400,000

Who doesn’t love the adorable yellow guys? Their standalone film earned over $1 billion despite the fact that neither of the two Despicable Me movies did so.

Number 10. Iron Man 3 (year 2013)

Boxoffice collection $1,214,800,000

It took only 23 days for the third movie in the trilogy to reach $1 billion.

Number 9. Frozen (year 2013)

Boxoffice collection $1,276,500,000

The smash hit not only won two Oscars, it’s also the highest-grossing animated film of all time.

Number 8. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two (year 2011)

Boxoffice collection $1,341,500,000

The only movie in the franchise that came close to $1 billion was The Sorcerer’s Stone, which weighs in at $975 million.

Number 7. Avengers: Age of Ultron (year 2015)

Boxoffice collection $1,405,400,000

It was no surprise that Age of Ultron reached $1 billion, and it opened at the #1 spot around the globe.

Number 6.Furious 7 (year 2015)

Boxoffice collection $1,516,000,000

Even more impressive than Iron Man 3’s 23 days, Furious 7 zoomed past the $1 billion mark in just 17 days.

Number 5. Marvel’s The Avengers (Year 2012)

Boxoffice collection $1,518,800,000

The highly-anticipated first film of the franchise passed $1 billion in sales in 19 days, which means it’s tied with Avatar and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part Two for third place in the list of fastest-grossing movies.

Number 4. Jurassic World (Year 2015)

Boxoffice collection $1,670,400,000

The franchise reboot broke a lot of records. It became the #1 fastest movie to make $1 billion when it took only 13 days. It also gained the title of highest-grossing opening weekend of all time… for a while.

Number 3. Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Year 2015)

Boxoffice collection $2,068,200,000
Not to be outdone by the Indominus Rex, the seventh Star Wars film took only 12 days to hit $1 billion and brought in more than $2 billion.

Number 2. Titanic (Year 1997)

Boxoffice collection $2,186,800,000
Even after twenty years, no one can touch James Cameron. Titanic made $1.8 billion in 1997 and then went over $2 billion when it was re-released to honor the 100-year anniversary of the ship’s sinking.

Number 1. Avatar (Year 2009)

Boxoffice collection $2,788,000,000

Over $600 million dollars more than the #2 spot, Avatar is sitting pretty… for now. How many more years do you think it will stay on the top?

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These are the only 27 movies that have ever hit $1 billion at the box office

27 January 2017

If You are Android usre And You Use WiFi To Internet. If You Connected WiFi in Past Anywer In Your Office,Collage,School, Or Your Friands WiFi Mode. And You Want Connect Again But You Forget Password?? Her Is The Tricks To Show Saved WiFi Passwords On Android Device.

Now I’ll teach you how to show your forgotten  Wi-Fi network password on your Android device, this can be useful for when you forget the password of a network that your were previously connected to, so let’s get started!

First Download Application Called WifI Password [ROOT]

Install And Open
Remmember One Thing It Is Work Only ROOTED Device

In Next Step Give Root Permission

Now Ther is The List Of Saved WiFi Network


Now Tap To Network Which You Want To Know Password,

 Copy Password And Past It To Connect Your  Device to Wifi Network.

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How To Show Your Saved WIFI Passwords On Android